Intralipid Infusions

What is an Intralipid Infusion?

Intralipid is a brand name for a synthetic solution widely used in health care and contains soy bean oil, egg phospholipids and glycerin (1.2% egg yolk phospholipids, 10% soybean oil, 2.25% glycerin and water). The infusion is administered intravenously through a vein in either the hand or the arm.

Who may benefit from an Intralipid Infusion?

Research has suggested that women who have failed to conceive or maintain a pregnancy as a result of abnormal Natural Killer (NK) cell level or function may benefit from the use of Intralipids. Some types of infertility may be caused by a slightly overactive immune system. When this occurs the immune system can attack the egg, sperm and embryo. This can result in difficulty achieving pregnancy, maintaining the pregnancy, or repeated miscarriages. Natural killer (NK) cells are regulated by the immune system. In women who have autoimmune issues, the NK cells can react abnormally to an implanting embryo, treating it as an invading cell and signalling for the body to attack it. Evidence suggests Intralipids may suppress NK cell activity for a sufficient duration of time to enhance implantation, sustain pregnancy and promote a successful reproductive outcome. New research has suggested that women who have experienced recurrent miscarriages or multiple failed IUI or IVF cycles as a result of NK cell activation may benefit from the use of intralipids.

How are Intralipids given?

You will need to book an appointment and it usually requires around three hours to complete the procedure, if it is your first infusion, or around 45 minutes if it is a repeat infusion. An Intralipid infusion is delivered directly into the blood stream by intravenous drip and this process is monitored and administered by the nurse. You will be made comfortable throughout the procedure. We advise that you bring along a book or some magazines to read as the procedure is quite lengthy. It is very important that you are not allergic to soy or egg products, and also that you do not have a history of high cholesterol or liver disease. It is administered 4-7 days before embryo transfer or insemination. A further Intralipid infusion is given 4-5 weeks following a positive pregnancy test, to keep the NK cells deactivated until the pregnancy can override the signals being sent by the immune system.

What risks are involved?

Intralipids are well tolerated by patients with few side effects. Patients who are allergic to soy bean oil, egg or glycerine cannot be given an Intralipid infusion. Side effects such as fever, headache or nausea and vomiting are rare and occur in less than 1% of infusions.

How do I book an Intralipid Infusion?

Cherish-UK is a private pregnancy and fertility scanning clinic, you can self refer and arrange an appointment at your convenience. To book an Intralipid Infusion please telephone us on 0121 354 4777 or 07580 611 879, fill out our online enquiry form or email us at

Intralipid Infusion Fees

Monday - Saturday


Intralipid Infusion (Allow one hour)



Intralipid Infusion - If intralipids supplied by yourself



Intralipid Infusion Dilute (Allow three hours)



Intralipid Infusion Dilute - If intralipids supplied by yourself


Credit Card payments welcome

Payment is required by cash or card on arrival at the clinic. We do not accept cheques.


Cancellation Policy

Please be aware that Cherish UK has a 24 hour notice cancellation policy. If you do not attend on the day and have not made contact to cancel your appointment we reserve the right to charge the full fee.

What Cherish-UK Clients Say About Us

" A good experience for my first visit, to have an intralipid infusion as part of my fertility treatment. Felt comfortable and the nurses kept coming in and out to check. Easy to book in at short notice, really pleasant to deal with. "

Lisa, Walsall


"I had Intralipid Infusion & previous ultrasound scans. Excellent service. I have seen Diana several times over the last year. She is very kind and caring."

Kerrie, Hyde


"I have been to Cherish many times. I've had reassurance scans and intripalids. Each and every time I go there I get such a warm welcome and I'm out at ease. All my questions are answered in detail and there's always loads of time given in each appointment. I would highly recommend Cherish. When paying for your scans you want the very best and that's exactly what you get with Cherish. I wouldn't go anywhere else."

Emma, Birmingham


"I have attended Cherish for an endometrial scratch, several intralipids, a pre-treatment scan before IVF and reassurance scan because of a bleeding scare. Both Diane and Jacqui have been excellent at providing these services. It is a real one-to-one service and they are very professional. Would definitely recommend."

Adele, Northampton


"Words cannot explain my experience with this team of individuals I regard them so highly. There professionalism, kind hearted and considerate attitude has made all the difference. I absolutely adore them and cant imagine them not being part of my long term health plan as I progress through my pregnancy."

Noreen, Birmingham


"I have received HCG blood tests, reassurance scans, and intralipids from Cherish UK. Due to a history of recurrent miscarriage, I have a lot of anxiety and fears when pregnant. The care, attention, and support received from Cherish has been like what you would expect from family. They are so kind and so considerate of my concerns. For the first time I'm working with people on my pregnancy who I feel are really on my team. They always make room to accommodate any scan or treatment I need. They give me honest opinions and encouragement which makes me feel so lucky to have found them. I know women from all over the country who would give anything to have such a amazing place/people to help them through this time! "

I, Tamworth


"Fantastic information given. Very reassuring and very understanding."

Emma, Burton on trent


"Love this clinic, they put my mind at rest and are caring and professional. Plus its nice and local!"

Mel, Sutton Coldfield


"Great local service. Both ladies were very friendly and accommodating to my needs. I was seen at the earliest opportunity and it was all stress free. They make you feel comfortable immediately upon arrival. Great service."

Samantha, Birmingham


"It really gave me reassurance, both Diana an Jacqui were most helpful and knew their stuff."

Cel, Sutton Coldfield


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Credit Card payments welcome

Payment is required by cash or card on arrival at the clinic. We do not accept cheques.

Cancellation Policy
Please be aware that Cherish-UK has a 24 hour notice cancellation policy.

If you do not attend on the day and have not made contact to cancel your appointment we reserve the right to charge the full fee.

Early Pregnancy & Fertility Scan Fees

Our early pregnancy & fertility scan fees cover all aspects of your appointment which will include the following:

  • Full Consultation
  • Transabdominal Scan or Transvaginal Scan
  • Black and White Scan Image(s)
  • Scan Report

Please Note: It may be necessary for both a transabdominal and transvaginal scan to be performed. If this is the case then no extra charge is made.


Monday - Saturday



Sunday 9.30am - 12pm



Baby Gender Scan or Sexing Scan Fees

A gender scan, also called a sexing scan will determine the sex / gender of your baby. This scan can be performed between 16-20 weeks of your pregnancy.


Monday - Saturday



- Twin Pregnancy



Sunday 9.30am - 12pm



- Twin Pregnancy



Special Offer Scan Packages

1. Early Pregnancy Scan Offer
Buy one Early Pregnancy scan for £80, any other 2D pregnancy scans within the same pregnancy at intervals of your choice up to 30 weeks will be charged at £60 each.


2. Follicle Tracking Scans Package
This will include 3 follicle tracking scans on alternate days within the same cycle for £200, any further tracking scans within the same cycle will be charged at £50 each. PLEASE NOTE: The Follicle Tracking Scans Package is not available for patients having IVF monitoring.

UK / Overseas Fertility Clinics

Cherish-UK has links with fertility clinics both abroad and in the UK and provides fertility scanning services for patients undergoing fertility treatment. Please take a look at the fertility clinics we are linked with.

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