3D & 4D Baby Bonding Ultrasound Scan

3D & 4D Baby Bonding Ultrasound Scan

A 3D ultrasound scan captures a static image of your baby in the womb allowing you to see the features of the face and other parts of the body in 3 dimensions. A 4D ultrasound scan captures three dimensional images of your baby moving in the womb. You do not need to have a full bladder for this scan.

3D and 4D ultrasound scans are best performed between 24 and 30 weeks. Before this the baby will not have much fat on its body or face. After 30 weeks there is not as much fluid around baby and the head may have dropped into the pelvis which makes getting a good image difficult.

The image quality of a 3D scan and 4D scan can vary. If the placenta is at the front of the womb it can make getting a good image difficult. The best images are obtained if there is plenty of fluid (liquor) around baby. It sometimes helps to drink plenty of water during the 2 weeks before your appointment as this can help the liquor to build up and be clear. If you are overweight then this will also impact on the quality of the image we are able to obtain. If you have any concerns these can be discussed with us when you book your appointment.

A 3D scan and 4D scan is a lovely way to bond with your baby and provide reassurance that your baby is developing normally. It is important to understand that this method of scanning is not used to screen or diagnose any problems. However, if any problems are recognised during the scan we will discuss the findings with you and advise you to contact your Midwife or GP for further investigations and follow up.

If we cannot get any good 3D or 4D images during your appointment, due to the position of your baby we will offer one further scan on another day for no extra charge or you can choose to pay a reduced rate of £65 with no further scan.

The 3D scan and 4D scan includes black and white images and we will also email coloured images to you.

Please note: Our scans do not replace the routine NHS monitoring scans but are provided as a service for additional reassurance.

What will the 3D & 4D Baby Bonding Ultrasound Scan show?

3D and 4D Baby Ultrasound scan image
3D and 4D baby scan image

Remember every scan is different and the image quality can vary due to several factors.

How do I book a 3D ultrasound scan / 4D ultrasound scan?

Cherish-UK is a private pregnancy and fertility scanning clinic, you can self refer and arrange an appointment at your convenience. To book a 3D & 4D ultrasound scan please telephone us on 0121 354 4777 or 07580 611 879, fill out our online enquiry form or email us at info@cherish-uk.com.

Do I need to prepare for my 3D & 4D ultrasound scan?

For a 3D & 4D ultrasound scan we recommend that you drink plenty of water during the 2 weeks before your appointment as this can help the liquor (fluid around baby) to build up and be clear. This will improve the quality and aid visibility of the 3D and 4D ultrasound scan.

3D & 4D Ultrasound Scan Fees


Monday - Saturday



Please note a £65 non-refundable deposit* is needed at time of booking a 3D/4D pregnancy scan with the balance to be paid on attendance. 3D & 4D Ultrasound Scans are not available on Sundays or Bank Holidays. (*Please be aware the deposit is not transferable and is only valid for use within 6 months of purchase.)

Credit Card payments welcome

Payment is required by cash or card on arrival at the clinic. We do not accept cheques.


Cancellation Policy

Please be aware that Cherish UK has a 24 hour notice cancellation policy. If you do not attend on the day and have not made contact to cancel your appointment we reserve the right to charge the full fee.

What's included in your 3D / 4D reassurance / bonding scan?

Our 3D / 4D reassurance / bonding ultrasound scan fees cover all aspects of your appointment which will include the following:

  • Full Consultation
  • Black and White Ultrasound Scan Image(s)
  • Colour Ultrasound Image(s) emailed to you
  • Display card for ultrasound images (pregnancy scans)

More about 3D / 4D ultrasound scans:

What Cherish-UK Clients Say About Us

"I recently had a 4D scan with the lovely Jacqui. Our little bundle didn't play ball at first and wanted to put his hands over his face (Jacqui had warned us prior to the scan that this can often be the case) but she persisted non the less and we got some fantastic images and DVD footage. This is the 3rd time I have been to Cherish and will definitely be using your services again for any future pregnancies."

Daisy, Nuneaton


"My husband surprised me with a 3d/4d baby scan today. Was over the moon to be able to see our little girl again at 25 weeks. However the little rascal kept pulling the umbilical cord over her face. Jacqui was great, and attempted many times to get stills of her but unfortunately she wasn't playing ball. We have been offered another scan in 2 weeks, and couldn't be happier with our experience this is the 3rd time we have been to Cherish and the customer service is 5* as always. Thank you again Jacqui for your patience and look forward to seeing you and our daughter again in a couple of weeks."

Anna, Sutton Coldfield


"We really enjoyed our 4d pregnancy scan on Saturday. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Once again a big thankyou to Jacqui for the scan and for getting some amazing photos of our little boy!!!"

Hannah, Birmingham


"I couldn't recommend this clinic enough, amazing experience every time we have been. Most kind and friendly staff that share all of the excitement with you! Our 4D images are amazing and i will treasure the DVD forever xxx"

Sophie, Sutton Coldfield


"We have had an amazing experience at cherish! We had a reassurance scan at 9 weeks, where Diana explained everything to us and gave us the reassurance we needed following a previous mc. At 26 weeks we returned for a 4d scan where Jacqui was so lovely and managed to get us some great images despite the umbilical cord and hands being in the way as well as giving us a re scan at 28 weeks where we got some more fantastic pictures with the baby being abit more co operative. Me and my husband would recommend Cherish whole heartily!"

Sophie, Burton Upon Trent


"I had a 3D/4D scan today of my little girl at 27 weeks, the overall experience was amazing, we felt welcome and relaxed throughout, I would definitely recommend such an amazing opportunity."

Rebecca, Sutton Coldfield


"We went for a 4d scan to see our little girl such amazing photos Diana was great with the scan :) "

Sophie, Birmingham


"Having previously visited Cherish for our 1st pregnancy we knew straight away that we would return for this pregnancy. The staff are welcoming and friendly, immediately putting you at ease. We took our 18 month old son with us and Jacqui who remembered scanning him seemed genuinely pleased to see him. I would definitely recommend their services to anyone, can't fault them! Thank you Cherish for priceless memories and experiences."

Rebecca, Shenstone


"Today we received our 4D scan with Jacqui and she made us feel at ease to see our baby boy. She tried really hard and took her time to get the best photos and DVD possible. This is our 3rd visit to Cherish and we couldn't recommend their 5 star caring service enough only wish they could do our whole pregnancy."

Aimee, Sutton Coldfield


"Me and my Husband were very pleased with the service provided, very relaxed and friendly, also very knowledgable about the pregnancy, carnt reccomend highly enough."

Lisa, Birmingham


"Really pleased the staff are very friendly. We went for a 3D scan but even though my baby didn't want to play she had her hands and arm over her face we are going back next week for another scan. Cherish did send me what pictures they could get. We didn't have to pay for yesterday we will just pay next week when we go back."

Claire, Sutton Coldfield


"We visited Cherish UK today for a 4D scan with Jacqui. Thank you for such a lovely experience, it was lovely to feel her moving and be able to see it on the screen. Jacqui is very knowledgable and explained to us everything she was doing putting us at complete ease. Jacqui was very patient when our little one was camera shy and we didn't feel like the appointment was rushed at all. Would definitely recommend Cherish UK to friends and family. "

Janine, Birmingham


" We had a 4D scan today with Diana. She was absolutely lovely and very very patient with our little one who has hiding behind their arms and hand. We eventually got some brilliant photographs after persevering. This is the third scan we have had with Cherish and I could not recommend them enough. A professional, welcoming and brilliant service from all staff. Thank you."

Sophie, Stafford


"We had a wonderful experience at Cherish, Diana was very welcoming and professional and made us feel completely relaxed. A totally different experience to hospital scans. Seeing our baby in 4D at 25 weeks is certainly one of the highlights of our pregnancy, truly unforgettable and provides additional reassurance during what can be a nerve-wracking 9 months. We would highly recommend their services and care to anyone trying for or expecting a baby. Thank you so much!"

Louise, Sutton Coldfield


"I have been to Cherish 4 times over my pregnancy, 2 reassurance scans, 1 gender scan and a 3D/4D scan. Every scan was absolutely amazing. Diana and Jacqui are the kindest women and really make you feel welcome and comfortable. Time was never an issue and they both always spend as long as it takes to get the perfect image of your baby. They have allowed us to see our baby step by step through my first pregnancy and every penny spent was 100% worth it. The 3D/4D scan was amazing and something I'll never forget, we can't stop watching our dvd! Thankyou very much ladies, I recommend you to everyone expecting babies!! "

Zoe, Birmingham


"Our experience at Cherish was brilliant. The first day the images were amazing but our little munchkin had her hand in front of her face so we were kindly asked to come back in the morning for a free session. The following morning we managed to get a variety of different, and perfectly clear images, and it was so wonderful to see our baby girl moving, yawning and looking so cute. Would highly recommend!"

Sam, Sutton Coldfield


"Yesterday I had my 3rd scan at Cherish. Yet again I cannot fault the service provided. I have had an early gender, reassurance and a 3D scan. We have some amazing photo's and video's that we will be able to cherish forever. We have been able to keep up with the progress of our little girl and see her grow and develop. Thank you to Jacqui for the scans and the great service provided :) xx"

Bianca, Birmingham


"Thank you for a wonderful 3d/4d scan experience. Friendly , kind natured staff. Kind regards."

K, Birmingham


"Thank you very much to Jacqui for being so patient in trying to get the best 3D/4D image of our little one! We really appreciate the time you took and how you explained everything to us on both occasions, even though he was hiding away. It was a fabulous experience and I am already recommending you to friends planning to have children in the future. "

Katie, Sutton Coldfield


"We had a 4d scan this week, and was so happy once again with the service from Jacqui. She made the experience so lovely for us and really took her time; we got some great photos and a dvd, would definitely reccomend Cherish! x"

Hollie, Birmingham


"Cherish staff were so friendly and professional. Our sonography was so lovely. She tried for ages to get good pictures (Baby was not playing along). I really appreciated how informed we were kept all the way through. I also love the teddy bear with our baby's heartbeat extra."

Ann-Marie, Sutton Coldfield


"Absolutely amazing expirience with Jacqui performing gender and 4d scan. Very welcoming and all my needs were met. will definately reccomend your services to friends. Thankyou so much for an amazing time x"

Rachel, Sutton Coldfield


"Amazing scan. Loved it. Love my DVD can't stop watching. Thank you so much. I have recommended to family and friends xx"

Roxanne, Walsall wood


"I had a 3D/4d scan and it was truly amazing! Diana was lovely and spoke through everything she seen even though the cord was across baby's face as well as his hand she did her best to give us the best quality images she could. We also paid extra for a heartbeat bear and it's a lovely keepsake and we can hear baby's heartbeat whenever we want! Thank you so much!"

Sara, Solihull


"Me and my partner had a 4d scan at Cherish, Sutton Coldfield. It was a beautiful experience and the lady who did the scan, Diana, was a very lovely lady that made me feel very comfortable. We would recommend that any pregnant lady should seriously consider having the scan we had as it was an extremely lovely moment and worth every penny. The heartbeat teddies are also a great touch and will be very sentimental. Thanks Diana and we hope to see you again if I decide to have another child."

Louise, Birmingham


"Can't fault Cherish one bit loved all my scans I've had there been put at ease Diana has been perfect done every scan showing every bit of detail, had a 3D / 4D scan today got some perfect pictures of my little boy! Thank you so much."

Sara, Birmingham


"We visited for a 3D/4d scan of our first child at around 28 weeks and can honestly say the entire experience was incredible. From the second we were greeted at the door, to the moment we left with photographs and memories that will never fade; we were treated with the upmost respect and professionalism. We were given a thorough explanation of everything that we could/would see throughout the scan experience. I left feeling full to the brim with pride, safe in the knowledge that my little girl is doing great. I haven't stopped recommending the experience since going, it has made it all feel that much more real. Thank you so much! x"

Chloe, West Bromwich


"I had an early scan done at 6 weeks due to ectopic pregnancy in 2011! I was so nervous about going but I have to say it was a lovely experience, Jacqui made us feel at ease and told us the pregnancy was progressing well! Since then I've had the blood tests done a 16 weeks scan and a 3D scan at 27 weeks. All have been done to a high standard I would recommend Cherish to anyone :0)"

Nina, Birmingham


"Easy booking service. We had had three scans and each time I've been made to feel at ease and provided with lots of interesting things about our baby and the pregnancy which you don't get at NHS scans. The scans have helped me feel so connected to the baby from such an early stage. The 3D/4D scan was a fantastic experience - so heart warming! Thank you."

Vicky, Birmingham


"We had a 3D bonding scan done. Absolutely pleased with the whole experience very relaxed and calm. Very friendly and made you feel at ease. Well informed through the whole process."

Gillian, Birmingham


"Absolutely wonderful experiences both times that I have been! My partner and I came for a 16 week gender scan and again at 28 weeks for a 4D scan. The staff are wonderful and are absolutely brilliant at their jobs. I will always use Cherish-UK Sutton Coldfield in future and will recommend it to anyone I know having children."

Chloe, Walsall


"Diana is lovely felt very at ease and even when it was hard to see baby's face she never gave up."

Jessica, Birmingham


"It was an amazing experience for my partner and I to do the 4D scan. Diana is very friendly and made us feel so welcome and very comfortable during our appointment. The scan was fantastic and it is lovely to get to see your baby. I definitely recommend it. Thank you very much!"

Samira, Birmingham


"We had a great experience at Cherish. They saw us late notice and really spent time and effort to help us see our baby in 4D. Great professional service and we would definitely recommend. "

Sophie, London


"My husband & I opted for the 3D/4D scan and it was one of the best experiences we've shared. Jacqui was friendly and welcoming right from the start and tried really hard to get the very best photographs for us, despite our baby not playing ball in the beginning. We would definitely recommend Cherish to any expectant parents."

Rebecca, Shenstone


"Had a 3d/4d scan - Great service, they make you feel welcome and do their upmost to get the pictures u want! Fingers crossed for next week as baby in an awkward position! "

Marie, Sutton Coldfield


"Absolutely brilliant service! We had the 3D/4D scan done there. Jacqui explained the procedure thoroughly and gave very detailed overview of what we are seeing. She was very lovely and waited until the baby moved into better position. I recommend it highly to everyone! Thank you!"

Katri, Stourbridge


"What a lovely experience for us it was lovely surroundings. Jacqui was so lovely spoke to us about the 4d scan first and what it intailed. And never gave up until she got good pictures of our baby girl. I will definitely use them again and would recommend to anyone to use them for scans theyre professional kind and caring and don't rush And very reassuring. Also booking the appt was easy as they have a lovely receptionist Rachel. Love to you all and thank you for making it so special for us xxx"

Karen, Wednesbury


"Been for the scan this morning, amazing to see our son in 3D/4D, fantastic service and explained everything perfectly. Great meeting you and thanks for your kindness "

Rebecca, Walsall


"I had a 3D/4D scan with cherish uk, it was such a beautiful experience being able to see the real features of out first baby! I'm so thankful of the wonderful services enabling us to do so! Time was taken to make sure we really got to see as much as we could and everything was explained to us in perfect detail! Thankyou!"

Mia, Tamworth


"We had a 3D scan of our twins. On the first attempt twin 2 was hiding away but second time around we got to see both of our twins which was amazing!! Thank you soo much a wonderful experience and some great photos to treasure."

Emma, Sutton Coldfield


"Recently had a 4D scan at Cherish and loved every minute we were scanned by Jaquie and she got us some lovely video clips of our beautiful baby boy rubbing his eyes and yawning was a great experience also had some amazing photos. We have had both our gender scan and 4D scan with Cherish and the place and staff are great. And Rachel the receptionist who we contacted for both scans was very helpful and got back to us quickly thank you all we shall hope to see you in the future when baby no2 comes along xxx"

Kimberly, Willenhall


"This is the second time I have visited Cherish-UK this time I went for a 3D/4D scan which was such an amazing experience. Jacqui made me feel very relaxed during the scan and kept scanning until my baby was in the best position for her to get an image from. I was extremely pleased with the images and the DVD I received would definitely recommend!!"

Claire, Cannock


"We had such a lovely 3D scan at cherish, would definitely recommend. Our baby was hiding his/her face at our first appointment so we couldn't get any pictures, however we was able to come back the following week where we got to see baby and have some really good pictures. Thank you xx"

Charlotte, Birmingham


"We ended up having a gender and 3d/4d scan and would definitely recommend Cherish and use it again ourselves. We were made to feel so welcome and got some really good images considering our little girl did not want us to see her. Thank you so much!"

Francesca, Sutton Coldfield


"I had my 3D scan, early sexing scan and an early dating scan here! All of them were amazing the 3D one in particular. Got to see my little boy and it was the most magical thing ever for me and my partner. Thank you so much!"

Zoe, Derby


"I visisted Cherish-UK for a 3D/4D scan and was totally delighted with the results/service. I received a lovely, warm greeting and got the feeling that the ladies loved what they were doing :) I would 100% recommend these guys. The images we got were amazing and a real keep-sake :) "

Kelly, Birmingham


"Me and my partner went for a 3d/4d scan today, we recieved an excellent service and were both made to feel very relaxed and comfortable we would both recommend going! Thank you"

Rebecca, Birmingham


"Had a 4D scan which was fantastic, worth every penny. Lovely lady who tried really hard and managed to get us some lovely images even though baby wasn't playing ball!"

Nicola, Sutton Coldfield


"Had a great 3D 4D scan the pictures are amazing even when baby weren't playing ball jacqui was great with explaining. What she was doing where baby was I would recommend this service to everyone X thank you for brilliant experience X"

Samantha, Birmingham


"An extremely valuable service offering reassurance when it's needed most. I visited Cherish UK for a 4D scan and even though baby was very stubborn and uncooperative I was able to come back the next day to try again and got some treasured images and a DVD of the whole scan. From the initial email to the actual scan Diana was friendly and professional and really persevered to get me the images I wanted. I would definitely recommend Cherish to anybody interested in a 4D scan I cannot fault the level of care and service, thank you!"

Hayley, Solihull


"I went to Cherish for a 4D scan. Although my baby was in a difficult position Jacqui persevered until she was able to get a good shot. The service was remarkable. I came away feeling very reassured about by babys well being. Couldn't have asked for a better scan!"

Charlene, Birmingham


"Jacqui and Diana provide an amazing service and make you feel comfortable and at ease. This is the second time I have visited, the first time for a gender scan and the second time for my 4D scan. We went for our 4D scan and my little one was hiding from us so Diana offered for us to come back again, when we went again we got lots of photos and also them all sent via email. Me and my partner were so happy with the service that they both provide and would recommend it to anyone."

Kirsty, Sutton Coldfield


"This is the second time we have visited Cherish UK and yet again received such a fabulous service. We had a 3D/4D scan and were totally blown away at the images, Jacqui is such a fantastic lady who makes the experience such a special one.such a relaxing but exciting time."

Karen, Cannock


"We had a 3D scan and it was a wonderful experience. Excellent customer service, have been to Cherish twice and would definitely recommend them to anyone. We havnt stopped smiling since."

Hannah, Solihull


"We both had a lovely time with Cherish. We booked in a 3D-4D scan, the staff are wonderful and pleasant. We managed to see our bundle of joy...just about... as he always seems to be camera shy I was hoping for more of a facial shots/video however this wasn't Cherish fault. Our little one just tends to be very clever in hiding, if you haven't got a camera shy baby you'll have a wonderful experience with Cherish."

Clare, Birmingham

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Credit Card payments welcome

Payment is required by cash or card on arrival at the clinic. We do not accept cheques.

Cancellation Policy
Please be aware that Cherish-UK has a 24 hour notice cancellation policy.

If you do not attend on the day and have not made contact to cancel your appointment we reserve the right to charge the full fee.

Early Pregnancy & Fertility Scan Fees

Our early pregnancy & fertility scan fees cover all aspects of your appointment which will include the following:

  • Full Consultation
  • Transabdominal Scan or Transvaginal Scan
  • Black and White Scan Image(s)
  • Scan Report

Please Note: It may be necessary for both a transabdominal and transvaginal scan to be performed. If this is the case then no extra charge is made.


Monday - Saturday



Sunday 9.30am - 12pm



Baby Gender Scan or Sexing Scan Fees

A gender scan, also called a sexing scan will determine the sex / gender of your baby. This scan can be performed between 16-20 weeks of your pregnancy.


Monday - Saturday



- Twin Pregnancy



Sunday 9.30am - 12pm



- Twin Pregnancy



Special Offer Scan Packages

1. Early Pregnancy Scan Offer
Buy one Early Pregnancy scan for £80, any other 2D pregnancy scans within the same pregnancy at intervals of your choice up to 30 weeks will be charged at £60 each.


2. Follicle Tracking Scans Package
This will include 3 follicle tracking scans on alternate days within the same cycle for £200, any further tracking scans within the same cycle will be charged at £50 each. PLEASE NOTE: The Follicle Tracking Scans Package is not available for patients having IVF monitoring.

UK / Overseas Fertility Clinics

Cherish-UK has links with fertility clinics both abroad and in the UK and provides fertility scanning services for patients undergoing fertility treatment. Please take a look at the fertility clinics we are linked with.

Cherish UK Standards of Care

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Cherish-UK is centrally located in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham, West Midlands, close to Birmingham City Centre having easy access from Birmingham, Tamworth, Erdington, Great Barr, Lichfield, Burntwood, Aldridge, Walsall, South Staffordshire, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire.

Situated within a short walk from Sutton Coldfield train station, there are regular rail connections to Birmingham's New Street Station. See contact us for further information.