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Early pregnancy ultrasound scan from 6 to 16 weeks

Many women and their partners want the comfort of knowing their pregnancy is healthy during the first weeks. An Early Pregnancy Scan from 6 weeks can usually determine whether there is a heartbeat and will give reassurance that all is well. We offer a specialised scanning service relating to all aspects of early pregnancy whether it is for reassurance or because there has been bleeding, pain or a history of early pregnancy complications such as miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy. More on Early Pregnancy Scans


Viability Ultrasound Scan from 6-14 weeks

Sometimes the early weeks of pregnancy can be very worrying, a viability ultrasound scan is useful to provide reassurance that the pregnancy is progressing as expected and has implanted in the correct place. They can also be used to determine the number of fetuses present! This type of scan provides reassurance for couples who have previously experienced miscarriage or if there has been any vaginal bleeding. More on Viability Scans


Baby Dating Ultrasound Scan

A baby dating ultrasound scan is useful if the dates may not be correct due to having an irregular cycle or if you did not know you were pregnant and can’t remember when the first day of the last period was. More on Baby Dating Scans


Baby Sexing / Baby Gender Ultrasound Scan from 16-20 weeks

Sexing or Gender ultrasound scans are performed to determine the sex (or gender) of the baby. These ultrasound scans can be performed anytime from 16-20 weeks. More on Baby Sexing / Baby Gender Scans


Cervical length scan from 17 to 30 weeks

A cervical length scan is used to assess for dilation of the cervix in women who have had a previous late pregnancy loss or if they have had treatment or surgery to their cervix in the past. The scan is performed transvaginally from 17 weeks gestation. More on Cervical Length Scans


3D & 4D Baby Bonding Ultrasound Scan

3D and 4D ultrasound scans are best performed between 24 and 30 weeks. Before this the baby will not have much fat on its body or face. After 30 weeks there is not as much fluid around baby and the head may have dropped into the pelvis which makes getting a good image difficult. More on 3D & 4D Baby Bonding Ultrasound Scans


Panorama™ Non-invasive Prenatal DNA Screening Test

Panorama is a non-invasive DNA screening test that can tell you important information about your pregnancy, as early as nine weeks of gestation. With Panorama, you can find out for the likelihood of your baby having a chromosomal abnormality, such as Down syndrome, and all that’s required is a sample of your blood. More on the Panorama Non-invasive Prenatal DNA Screening Test


Harmony Prenatal Down’s Syndrome Test

This is a new DNA-based blood test for Down’s syndrome. It is more accurate than traditional tests and can be performed as early as 10 weeks in pregnancy. More on the Harmony Prenatal Down’s Syndrome Test


Gynaecology Ultrasound Scan

Gynaecology ultrasound scans are useful for women who are experiencing pain, abnormal bleeding such as very heavy periods or irregular periods. More on Gynaecology Scans


Fertility Scans

Many couples who are having Fertility Treatment abroad, or at a location some distance from their own home within the UK, want the facility to access an ultrasound scan on a particular day of the menstrual cycle. Cherish-UK is able to perform the specialist scan and email the result to the chosen clinic. This allows more flexibility for couples and reduces the amount of time spent away from home during the treatment cycle. More on Fertility Scans


Endometrial Thickness Ultrasound Scan

During a natural and stimulated cycle, it is important to assess the thickness of the endometrium (womb lining). The endometrium changes throughout the menstrual cycle due to the influence of hormones. Endometrial thickness needs to be 7mm or above for a pregnancy to be able to implant. More on Endometrial Thickness Scans


Follicle Tracking Ultrasound Scan

Follicle tracking ultrasound scans are used to identify the growth of follicles in the ovaries and if follicles are present, to monitor them until ovulation occurs. A follicle is the technical term used to describe a small cyst within the ovary that contains an egg. More on Follicle Tracking Scans


Antral follicle Count Ultrasound Scan

Women are born with all of their eggs; from the age of about 25 years the pool of eggs starts to diminish and can never be replenished. By performing a Antral Follicle count ultrasound scan early in the menstrual cycle, ovarian reserve can be assessed. More on Antral follicle Count Scans


Male Fertility Semen Analysis

A semen analysis is a test, which is used to assess male fertility. Prior to fertility treatment, it is usual for a semen analysis test to be performed. The semen analysis evaluates the semen and the amount and quality of the sperm contained within it. More on Male Fertility Semen Analysis


Blood Tests

Here at Cherish-UK we can take many pregnancy and fertility related blood tests and screening checks, including Anti-Mullerian Hormone AMH, follicle stimulating hormone, rubella immunity, hepatitis & HIV.
Take a look at the Blood Tests and Prices


Recurrent Miscarriage Investigations

At present the definition of recurrent miscarriage is three or more miscarriages before 12 weeks in a row. Many hospitals do not offer investigations until three miscarriages have occurred, however some will investigate after two miscarriages. At Cherish-UK we believe that having two miscarriages in a row is very distressing and we are able to offer you investigations if this happens.
More on Recurrent Miscarriage Investigations


Endometrial Scratch

An endometrial scratch is a procedure which is performed to help embryos implant and increases the chances pregnancy. Research has shown that scratching the uterine lining causes a ‘repair reaction’ which may increase embryo implantation rates.
More on Endometrial Scratch


Intralipid Infusions

Research has suggested that women who have failed to conceive or maintain a pregnancy as a result of abnormal Natural Killer (NK) cell level or function may benefit from the use of Intralipids. Some types of infertility may be caused by a slightly overactive immune system. When this occurs the immune system can attack the egg, sperm and embryo. This can result in difficulty achieving pregnancy, maintaining the pregnancy, or repeated miscarriages.
More on Intralipid Infusions


Mock Transfer

The mock embryo transfer is a trial run of the actual embryo transfer. It allows the doctor to determine the best route to place the embryo within your uterus. It is also used to assess for unexpected difficulties such as an undetected fibroids, scar tissue on the cervix, or any other problem that may make transfer difficult.
More on Mock Transfer


Cervical Screening (Smear Test)

Detecting and removing abnormal cervical cells can prevent cervical cancer. Cervical screening isn't a test for cancer; it's a test to check the health of the cells of the cervix. Most women's test results show that everything is normal, but for around 1 in 20 women the test shows some abnormal changes in the cells of the cervix.
More on Cervical Screening (Smear Test)


Pregnancy Due Date Calculator

Are you pregnant and wondering when is my due date? Find out with our pregnancy calculator.


Credit Card payments welcome

Payment is required by cash or card on arrival at the clinic. We do not accept cheques.

Cancellation Policy
Please be aware that Cherish-UK has a 24 hour notice cancellation policy.

If you do not attend on the day and have not made contact to cancel your appointment we reserve the right to charge the full fee.

Early Pregnancy & Fertility Scan Fees

Our early pregnancy & fertility scan fees cover all aspects of your appointment which will include the following:

  • Full Consultation
  • Transabdominal Scan or Transvaginal Scan
  • Black and White Scan Image(s)
  • Scan Report

Please Note: It may be necessary for both a transabdominal and transvaginal scan to be performed. If this is the case then no extra charge is made.


Monday - Saturday



Sunday 9.30am - 12pm



Baby Gender Scan or Sexing Scan Fees

A gender scan, also called a sexing scan will determine the sex / gender of your baby. This scan can be performed between 16-20 weeks of your pregnancy.


Monday - Saturday



- Twin Pregnancy



Sunday 9.30am - 12pm



- Twin Pregnancy



Special Offer Scan Packages

1. Early Pregnancy Scan Offer
Buy one Early Pregnancy scan for £80, any other 2D pregnancy scans within the same pregnancy at intervals of your choice up to 30 weeks will be charged at £60 each.


2. Follicle Tracking Scans Package
This will include 3 follicle tracking scans on alternate days within the same cycle for £200, any further tracking scans within the same cycle will be charged at £50 each. PLEASE NOTE: The Follicle Tracking Scans Package is not available for patients having IVF monitoring.

UK / Overseas Fertility Clinics

Cherish-UK has links with fertility clinics both abroad and in the UK and provides fertility scanning services for patients undergoing fertility treatment. Please take a look at the fertility clinics we are linked with.

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