Fertility Clinics
We have links with fertility clinics both in and outside of the UK.
Cherish UK’s Linked Fertility Clinics
Cherish-UK has links with fertility clinics both abroad and in the UK and provides fertility scanning services for patients undergoing fertility treatment. Cherish-UK is able to perform specialist ultrasound scans and blood tests and email the result to the chosen clinic. This allows more flexibility for couples and reduces the amount of time spent away from home during the fertility treatment cycle.
Genesis IVF Clinic, Cyprus
The staff at Genesis IVF clinic has undertaken more IVF associated fertility treatments than most centers worldwide. With more than 23 years of experience, personnel at Genesis claims more than 6000 life births using conventional IVF to complex preimplantation genetic diagnostic treatments.
North Cyprus IVF, North Cyprus
North Cyprus IVF provide quality IVF services with low cost of treatment making it one of the most sought after fertility clinics in the world. With expertise in IVF and donor IVF treatment programs, and their newly established genetics department, they do not only treat patients, but they are also able to diagnose and identify biological and genetic reasons behind infertility that might have gone unnoticed in the past.
Klinikk Hausken, Norway
Klinikk Hauskenthe is the largest private IVF clinic in Norway, they provide individualized care together with the newest technology and years of expertise which makes for a winning combination in getting great results.
IVF Spain, Alicante
At the cutting-edge of technology in reproductive medicine, IVF Spain strives each day for the highest levels of care to guarantee you have the best patient experience during your treatment journey with them. Their egg bank has 500 donors from a wide range of ethnicities.
VITA Reproductive Medicine, Spain
VITA is a center with a multidisciplinary team of professionals: gynecologists, embryologists, geneticists, urologists, nurses, anesthesiologists, psychologists and assistants who accompany the patient. They are one of the few centers of reproductive medicine in Spain that are integrated within a hospital evironment.
IVF Turkey, Turkey
IVF Turkey offer a wide range of Assisted Reproductive Technologies including IVFand ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection), Embryo and Sperm Cryopresevation, Intrauterine inseminations (IUI), ovulation induction, Co-Culture (Artificial Uterus). View Website
Sanatorium Repromeda, Czech Republic
Sanatorium Repromeda is a private clinic helping infertile couples, their principal longstanding program is oriented on the problems of reproductive biology and genetics. These scientific disciplines they systematically apply into their practices to help those who yearn to be parents.
Nadiya Clinic of Reproductive Medicine, Ukraine
Nadiya clinic uses modern methods of assisted reproductive technology (ART) and prenatal diagnostics. It's specialists are the founders of the modern reproductive medicine in Ukraine and have worked in the field of Assisted Reproductive Technologies for more than 15 years
Reprofit International, Czech Republic
Reprofit International was founded in 2006 as the first clinic in the Czech Republic with a specialized team for egg (oocyte) donation program. Leading specialists at the clinic have experience in the reproductive medicine field gained at clinics in the Czech Republic and abroad.
Cyprus IVF Centre, North Cyprus
Cyprus IVF Centre is operated by Dr Firdevs and Team Miracle in Northern Cyprus and they are proud to have the highest success rates on the island performing more than 1,000 IVF cycles every year. Cyprus IVF Centre is the only hospital in Cyprus with the EmbryoScope incubator along with other state of the art technology to maximise your chance of success with IVF, Egg Donation, Tandem Cycle, PGD and many more treatment options.
Barbados Fertility Centre, Barbados
Barbados Fertility Centre offers an extraordinary success rate, low prices and treatment in a tropical paradise. They combine cutting edge fertility treatments with holistic therapies, resulting in success rates significantly above the UK and USA average. All couples that travel to Barbados Fertility Centre are given an individual treatment program.
Shady Grove Fertility, America
Shady Grove Fertility Center is America’s largest and most progressive fertility center performing over 4,000 IVF cycles, including over 700 egg donation cycles, and an equal number of ovulation induction and IUI cycles annually. . They offer a comprehensive range of fertility treatment options including Ovulation Induction, IUI, IVF, and Donor Egg.
Institut Marques, UK / Dublin / Spain
Institut Marquès is an integrated center with a well-established, internationally recognized reputation in the field of Obstetrics & Gynecology and Assisted Reproduction. The increasing demand from foreign couples has led them to develop a strong international program which currently positions Institut Marquès as one of the top IVF clinics worldwide.
FIV Marbella, Spain
Fiv Marbella Assisted reproduction is a new concept of clinic, a multidisciplinary group of professionals united with one aim, to achieve your maternity. Formed by a team that brings together medical professionals with over 20 years experience in Assisted Reproduction with highly trained embryologists with an international working career in countries like Spain, Italy and the United States.
Crete Fertility Centre, Greece
Crete Fertility Centre offers fertility treatments, along with many other assisted reproduction procedures, such as egg donation and embryo donation, to assist you in your quest for parenthood. The international level, state of the art facilities, ensure that the highest quality of care is available. Medical and laboratory equipment are the most modern currently available, while standards of hygiene, health and safety are exemplary.
Instituto Bernabeu, Spain
Thousands of patients from all over the world have entrusted Instituto Bernabeu with their dream of becoming parents due to their results, medical principles, cutting-edge technology, research programmes. treatment plans tailored to the needs of each patient, comprehensive medical and emotional patient-care and quality controls in all processes.
ReproGenesis, Czech Republic
ReproGenesis is a modern reproductive clinic in the Czech Republic. Their highly sophisticated egg, sperm, and embryo donor program and a team of experts guarantee a very high success rate of treatment. They have state-of-the-art equipment and technology, with an expert team of professionals with many years of experience in donor programs.
Serum Biomedical Institute, Greece
Serum Biomedical Institute operates one of the foremost Fertility Specialist (IVF) Centers in Europe. Their IVF center provides infertility diagnosis and advanced treatment options to patients located, not only in Greece, but all over the world. Their doctors have diagnosed and treated some of the most difficult infertility cases, including women with multiple conception failure, miscarriage, and other infertility disorders.
Your IVF Journey, Czech Republic
Run by successful patients, Your IVF Journey arranges fertility treatment abroad at a leading clinic in the Czech Republic. As the clinic's exclusive UK agent, Your IVF Journey coordinates treatment and supports patients emotionally throughout the process.
Manor IVF, Israel and Cyprus
ManorIVF offers highly reputable IVF and egg donation programs to international patients seeking to undergo fertility treatments in Israel and Cyprus. Their expert team offer you access to world-renowned IVF and egg donation programs.
Dogus IVF Center, Cyprus
Dogus IVF Center manage a schedule treatment for patients by providing them with consultancy services regarding egg donation, sperm donation, embryo donation and ivf treatments with gender selection.
Dunya IVF Clinic, Cyprus
Dunya Women's Health and IVF centre offers IVF procedures in a well-equipped laboratory with the help of friendly and experienced staff in a hygienic and modern clinic.
The Fertility Institutes, United States, Mexico and India
The Fertility Institutes offer world renowned infertility and IVF programs, as well as leading egg donor, surrogacy and gender selection options.
Atlas Fertility, Cypus
Atlas Fertility help applicants by connecting them with IVF treatment providers in Cyprus. They also provide extensive access to egg bank and assist by coordinating all aspects of the process. From recruiting donors to the shipment of eggs and embryos.
The Fertility Center of Las Vegas, Nevada
Since 1988 The Fertility Center of Las Vegas have helped create thousands of families, they are committed to providing exceptional reproductive services i.e. In-vitro fertilization.
Solo Fertility
Solo Fertility is the UK’s only IVF agency to help single women have fertility treatment abroad. It works exclusively with Clinica Vistahermosa, an award-winning clinic in Spain.
The Cyprus IVF Centre, North Cyprus
A professional and certified IVF clinic in North Cyprus, services include IVF treatments, gender selection, sperm and egg donations. Experienced in dealing with a history of problematic pregnancies, a history of unsuccessful IVF treatments, advanced age pregnancies, and genetic defects such as down-syndrome.
Futur Health Biobank
Future Health Biobank are the UK’s Largest family Bank, having stored over 150,000 samples since 2002. Cord Blood has been used in treatment for over 85 illnesses such as Leukaemia and Anaemia over the last 30 years. We are pleased to partner with Cherish UK and offer a discount of 10% off our service, just mention Cherish UK.
Kyrenia IVF Center
Led by expert fertility specialist, Dr Verda Tuncbilek, Kyrenia IVF is an extensive gynecology, obstetrics and IVF center located in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus - with a predominant focus on patient satisfaction and happiness.
Klinika Bocian in Warsaw
Klinika Bocian in Warsaw offers a wide range of medical services centered around fertility treatment, gynecology and obstetrics including in vitro fertilization, insemination etc.
From Bumps2Babies
From Bump2Babies are a leading & highly qualified provider of private midwifery/Doula services & positive birth preparation classes. We also specialise in pregnancy massage and a postnatal massage including cesarean scar release.

We are a West Midlands based company & we have provided services for clients living in Sutton Coldfield, Solihull, Harborne, Bourneville, Lichfield, Tamworth, Walsall and beyond.

Miracle IVF Centre
Since 2008, leading IVF Specialist Gyn. Op. Dr. Firdevs has provided over 12,000 tailor-made fertility solutions. At Miracle IVF Centre, we are proud of our success rates of up to 90% for our special treatments including IVF, Egg Donation, Sperm Donation, and PGD/PGS. This is made possible through our advanced embryology laboratories, which use the latest available IVF technologies like Ebryoscope and IMSI, which has been proven to increase pregnancy rates by up to 20%. For this reason, we refer to our treatments as "Miracle IVF", as the impossible becomes possible.
What Our Clients Say
  • "I've met Jacqui here at Cherish on 3 occasions now, Jacqui gives you high standards of service, you automatically feel relaxed when you met her & is very clear with all she talks through with you, I will always return back here for all pregnancies, and most definitely highly recommend there friendly, professional service."
  • Hannah Metcalfe - Sutton Coldfield
    I cannot fault the service we received today. As soon as I arrived Diana made me feel at ease. Having being very worried this was very welcome. The scan was very detailed, I listened to the heartbeat and I came away with lots of photos and reassurance that at 10 weeks pregnant everything is as it should be. I would definitely use Cherish again for a scan in the future. Thank you!
    Hannah Metcalfe - Sutton Coldfield
  • Shelley Clarke - Birmingham
    I've had first came to Cherish when I couldn't get seen at my local EPU and Jacqui was so reassuring and supportive at such a vulnerable time. I've since returned for scans and an endometrial scratch in preparation for IVF cycles. Jacqui, Diana and Rachel offer a first class service and you never have a problem fitting me in for appointments at late notice. I wouldn't go anywhere else after experiencing your excellent care and service and you've all been so helpful and reassuring every time I visit. I hope that someday I'll be returning to have my pregnancy scans with you. Thanks ladies and I'll always recommend you to others.
    Shelley Clarke - Birmingham
  • Sam Hirons - Birmingham
    Absolute amazing. Appointment same day I called, images and report within hours of appointment. Thank you so much
    Sam Hirons - Birmingham
  • Sam Moore - Birmingham
    I visited Cherish via a referral from my private GP and I can only say good things about my experience. To say I was nervous beforehand is putting in lightly but from Rachel who made the appointment to Jacqui who conducted the scan, I was made to feel ease and not embarrassed. Which for me was hugely important as a previous scan with a private hospital was not handled so sympathetically or professionally.Each step of the scan was explained and the whole experience was made as painless as possible. The results emailed to me the same day, impeccable service, Thank you, Sam.
    Sam Moore - Birmingham
  • Debbie King - Leamington
    The ladies at Cherish are fantastic and so supportive. They do a brilliant and professional job and are also willing to do all they can to help you stay sane through what can be anxious times. Have been back numerous times for various reasons including scans, blood tests, administering medication and prescription requests, and will continue to go back despite the distance from my home. Thank you ladies
    Debbie King - Leamington
  • Hayley Neal - Birmingham
    I have used Cherish for a number of services during my IVF cycles and have always found them to be extremely friendly and professional during what can be a stressful time. The services they offer have been invaluable to me whilst having IVF treatment abroad.
    Hayley Neal - Birmingham
  • Rifat Riaz - Birmingham
    Excellent prompt service. Felt very relaxed and reassured.
    Rifat Riaz - Birmingham
  • S Begum - Birmingham
    I was experiencing some pain and very heavy cycles and I was quite worried. I have visited Cherish a few times and I must say that the service is outstanding. I had a gynaecology scan and I was reassured that everything was ok. Definitely recommend Cherish to everyone !
    S Begum - Birmingham
  • Samina - Birmingham
    Had a really good experience today. Felt comfortable and made sure I was comfortable at all times. Gave really good advice on next step as well as reassuring me everything would be ok. I would recommend Cherish to anyone. Thank you for all you help xx
    Samina - Birmingham
  • Katie Williams - Sutton Coldfield
    I had a gynaecology scan with Jacqui following a miscarriage 12 weeks ago. The hospital had unfortunately left me with many unanswered questions as to my ongoing bleeding and an abnormality found on a scan with no follow up arranged. Jacqui was great with us and we feel a lot more reassured. It was definitely worth it for the peace of mind. Thank you!
    Katie Williams - Sutton Coldfield
  • Samina Ali - Birmingham
    I had a most amazing experience seeing my baby at 7 weeks 3 days for the reassurance scan. Jacqui made sure everything was ok whilst doing the scan and was happy for me and husband to. I was then shown how a baby grows in each week. It was truly an amazing experience. Even managed to capture a video of the heartbeat. Would definitely recommend and would definitely come back for a gender scan.
    Samina Ali - Birmingham
  • Lauren Irvine - Birmingham
    Absolutely fabulous service when my husband and I had our reassurance scan. Diana was so lovely and made me feel really comfortable and at ease! Have already booked in for my next scan! Brilliant!
    Lauren Irvine - Birmingham
  • Aleksandra - Birmingham
    I had a Harmony test and a scan, as according to NHS test results, there was a higher risk of Down Syndrome. We were really anxious and wanted to be sure that our baby is fine. I was a lot calmer after the scan. Diana was wonderful, she answered all my questions, checked everything, let me listen to baby's heartbeat and even gave me lots of pictures. The results came very quickly (low risk), so I can enjoy my pregnancy without stress. I really recommend Cherish and this test, it's worth every money to know that your baby is fine!
    Aleksandra - Birmingham
  • Mahya Johnson - Derbyshire
    We visited Cherish for the Harmony Test after having a previous Edward's syndrome baby. Diana was very kind and understanding of our anxieties. She was patient with us and explained everything in detail. Results were emailed back to us after a week as promised. Facilities were clean and quiet. We would highly recommend.
    Mahya Johnson - Derbyshire
  • Katy Nichols - Leicestershire
    It's been a year since our little boy arrived into the world, and we could not have embarked upon the journey of IUI and, later IVF, without the support of Jackie and Diana from Cherish. From the tests needed for the clinic in Denmark, to follicle tracking scans, they met all of our treatment needs and did so in the warmest way, always making us relaxed and comfortable. No last minute appointment (needed before flights could be booked or medication could be taken) was ever too much trouble. We could think of no better place to find out our baby was healthy with an early scan or that we were expecting a boy at 16 weeks. This review is long overdue, but we wish to thank you ladies for helping to make our dreams come true. We wish you every success with Cherish - the women of the midlands rely on you and your incredible service! Katy and Fay
    Katy Nichols - Leicestershire
  • Magdalena Eren - Birmingham
    What a wonderful service, very friendly Jackie provided us more details about mine pregnancy then I found from my previous 4 NHS scans. Plus Diana delivered to us Panorama test results which made us the most happy future parents.
    Magdalena Eren - Birmingham
  • Hannah Bevan - Birmingham
    With a scary start of pregnancy I did not know what to expect at the scan. Even when I walked in i found it calming and a nice atmosphere to be in. Jacqui greeted me and is so so lovely. She put me at ease and scan went perfectly! All my worries went away. I would recommend this company to anyone, you do a brilliant job. Thank you so much.!
    Hannah Bevan - Birmingham
  • Rena Miras-Pye - Sutton Coldfield
    I had such great care from Cherish at two separate scans. I needed a scan to check lining for embryo transfer and I was fitted in at short notice and given lots of information. I was so impressed and if the transfer is successful I will be using Cherish for an early scan.
    Rena Miras-Pye - Sutton Coldfield