Male Fertility / Semen Analysis
Semen analysis to assess male fertility
Semen analysis to assess male fertility
A semen analysis is a test, which is used to assess male fertility. Prior to fertility treatment, it is usual for a semen analysis test to be performed. The semen analysis evaluates the semen and the amount and quality of the sperm contained within it. The volume and the number of sperm per millilitre of ejaculate are measured, and an assessment of the sperm morphology (normal sperm) and sperm motility (how they swim) is made. The World Health Organisation defines a normal sperm count as between 15-200 million per ml. It is also usual to measure the liquefaction, volume and pH. Our samples are analysed using an automated machine (QuickCheck™ Gold, Sperm Quality Analyzer), which provides an analysis of the above values; however, this type of examination does not replace an analysis made by an andrologist.
Most men feel a little uncomfortable about collecting a semen sample for analysis. The circumstances for providing the sample can be less than ideal, however, the staff at Cherish-UK are aware of the embarrassing factors and are used to dealing with samples in a professional manner.
Cherish-UK has a designated quiet room for producing samples at the clinic if required. The site of semen collection does not affect the results of a semen analysis.
Prior to producing a sample, it is important to understand factors, which can affect the quality of the semen sample; it is essential to let the clinic know if any of the following have been used in the last three months prior to your test:

• Caffeine, alcohol, cocaine, marijuana, and tobacco

• Herbal medicines, such as St. John's wort and high doses of echinacea

Medicines, such as:
- Cimetidine (Tagamet)
- Male and female hormones (testosterone, oestrogen)
- Sulfasalazine
- Nitrofurantoin
- Steroids / some ‘body building’ supplements
- Some chemotherapy medicines

It is necessary for a sample to be tested within an hour of production. It should be delivered by yourself or your partner within one hour to Cherish-UK. The semen sample should be produced by masturbation into the pot provided by Cherish-UK. The pot in which the sample has been collected must be kept at body temperature to ensure the sperm are kept alive before the sample is tested. Delays in delivering semen and exposure to various temperatures will results in lower overall motile sperm count. It is therefore very important not to expose the sample to extreme temperatures; the motility will be affected if the sample gets too hot or too cold. Once you have produced your sample you must keep your specimen container upright in a plastic bag, with the lid securely tightened. Please clearly write your name and the time and date of your sample on the sample pot.

It is advisable not to have any sexual activity for at least 48 hours before providing the sample; this means no sex or no ejaculation of any kind including masturbation. However, do not abstain for more than seven days as the sperm begin to decline if ejaculation is infrequent.

Once the sample has been collected it will be analysed to assess the overall count, the following assessments will also be made:
Semen Volume
A normal semen volume is between 1.5 ml and 6.5 ml.
Semen pH
The normal pH range specified by WHO criteria is greater than 7.2. A higher pH value may indicate an infection. Infection may also be indicated if there are high levels of white blood cells present in the semen sample.
Semen Morphology
The World Health Organisation Criteria 5th Edition states that a sample is considered normal if there are 4% or more sperm with normal morphology (shape).
Semen Motility
Sperm motility is measured by motility grade, where the motility of sperm is divided into three different grades. A normal semen sample contains at least 40% motile sperm, with most of them showing good forward progression (progressive motility >32%). Total motility is calculated by adding together the percentage of sperm which shows movement, progressive and non-progressive, the normal value for total motility is greater than 40%. For an accurate assessment to be made analysis must be completed within 60 minutes of collection. The World Health Organisation 5th Edition classification system is defined as:
Rapid progressive motility > 32%
Non-progressive motility
The values are reported in percentages, which add up to 100%.
Semen Liquefaction
Liquefaction describes the process, which occurs after ejaculation when the gel, which is formed by proteins from the seminal vesicles, is broken up and the semen becomes more liquid. When the semen becomes more liquid it allows the sperm to be able to swim out of the sample and into the cervical canal. It normally takes approximately 20 minutes for the sample to change from a thick gel into a liquid. However, a liquefaction time within 60 minutes is regarded as being within the normal range.
Frequently Asked Questions:
Before providing the semen sample make sure your hands and penis are clean. Wash them with soap and then rinse with clear water to ensure no soap residue is left. It is important not to use any lubricant, including saliva. You will need to ejaculate directly into a sterile container provided by Cherish-UK. You must avoid touching the inside of the pot. The semen sample needs to be complete, e.g. all the ejaculate should be collected, which includes the first, sperm-rich portion as it contains the highest concentration of sperm.

Please follow the instructions on the semen analysis form and complete all of the details on the form before delivering the sample to Cherish-UK. In exceptional circumstances if it is difficult to provide a sample from masturbation a sample may be collected during intercourse in a special type of condom known as a collection condom. Collection condoms are made from silicone or polyurethane, as latex is harmful to sperm and should not be used. For more information contact Cherish-UK for advice on where to purchase collection condoms.

Service Pricing:
Semen Analysis: £120.00
*Please note a £20 deposit is needed at the time of booking a semen analysis with the balance of £100 to be paid on attendance. Please be aware the deposit is not transferable and is only valid for use within 4 months of purchase.
How do I book a male fertility semen analysis?
Cherish-UK is a private pregnancy and fertility scanning clinic, you can self refer and arrange an appointment at your convenience. To book a male fertility semen analysis please telephone us on 0121 354 4777 or 07580 611 879, fill out our online enquiry form or email us at
Download your Semen Analysis Consent Form Here
You must complete the consent form and bring this with you.
What Our Clients Say
  • "I've met Jacqui here at Cherish on 3 occasions now, Jacqui gives you high standards of service, you automatically feel relaxed when you met her & is very clear with all she talks through with you, I will always return back here for all pregnancies, and most definitely highly recommend there friendly, professional service."
  • Hannah Metcalfe - Sutton Coldfield
    I cannot fault the service we received today. As soon as I arrived Diana made me feel at ease. Having being very worried this was very welcome. The scan was very detailed, I listened to the heartbeat and I came away with lots of photos and reassurance that at 10 weeks pregnant everything is as it should be. I would definitely use Cherish again for a scan in the future. Thank you!
    Hannah Metcalfe - Sutton Coldfield
  • Shelley Clarke - Birmingham
    I've had first came to Cherish when I couldn't get seen at my local EPU and Jacqui was so reassuring and supportive at such a vulnerable time. I've since returned for scans and an endometrial scratch in preparation for IVF cycles. Jacqui, Diana and Rachel offer a first class service and you never have a problem fitting me in for appointments at late notice. I wouldn't go anywhere else after experiencing your excellent care and service and you've all been so helpful and reassuring every time I visit. I hope that someday I'll be returning to have my pregnancy scans with you. Thanks ladies and I'll always recommend you to others.
    Shelley Clarke - Birmingham
  • Sam Hirons - Birmingham
    Absolute amazing. Appointment same day I called, images and report within hours of appointment. Thank you so much
    Sam Hirons - Birmingham
  • Sam Moore - Birmingham
    I visited Cherish via a referral from my private GP and I can only say good things about my experience. To say I was nervous beforehand is putting in lightly but from Rachel who made the appointment to Jacqui who conducted the scan, I was made to feel ease and not embarrassed. Which for me was hugely important as a previous scan with a private hospital was not handled so sympathetically or professionally.Each step of the scan was explained and the whole experience was made as painless as possible. The results emailed to me the same day, impeccable service, Thank you, Sam.
    Sam Moore - Birmingham
  • Debbie King - Leamington
    The ladies at Cherish are fantastic and so supportive. They do a brilliant and professional job and are also willing to do all they can to help you stay sane through what can be anxious times. Have been back numerous times for various reasons including scans, blood tests, administering medication and prescription requests, and will continue to go back despite the distance from my home. Thank you ladies
    Debbie King - Leamington
  • Hayley Neal - Birmingham
    I have used Cherish for a number of services during my IVF cycles and have always found them to be extremely friendly and professional during what can be a stressful time. The services they offer have been invaluable to me whilst having IVF treatment abroad.
    Hayley Neal - Birmingham
  • Rifat Riaz - Birmingham
    Excellent prompt service. Felt very relaxed and reassured.
    Rifat Riaz - Birmingham
  • S Begum - Birmingham
    I was experiencing some pain and very heavy cycles and I was quite worried. I have visited Cherish a few times and I must say that the service is outstanding. I had a gynaecology scan and I was reassured that everything was ok. Definitely recommend Cherish to everyone !
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  • Samina - Birmingham
    Had a really good experience today. Felt comfortable and made sure I was comfortable at all times. Gave really good advice on next step as well as reassuring me everything would be ok. I would recommend Cherish to anyone. Thank you for all you help xx
    Samina - Birmingham
  • Katie Williams - Sutton Coldfield
    I had a gynaecology scan with Jacqui following a miscarriage 12 weeks ago. The hospital had unfortunately left me with many unanswered questions as to my ongoing bleeding and an abnormality found on a scan with no follow up arranged. Jacqui was great with us and we feel a lot more reassured. It was definitely worth it for the peace of mind. Thank you!
    Katie Williams - Sutton Coldfield
  • Samina Ali - Birmingham
    I had a most amazing experience seeing my baby at 7 weeks 3 days for the reassurance scan. Jacqui made sure everything was ok whilst doing the scan and was happy for me and husband to. I was then shown how a baby grows in each week. It was truly an amazing experience. Even managed to capture a video of the heartbeat. Would definitely recommend and would definitely come back for a gender scan.
    Samina Ali - Birmingham
  • Lauren Irvine - Birmingham
    Absolutely fabulous service when my husband and I had our reassurance scan. Diana was so lovely and made me feel really comfortable and at ease! Have already booked in for my next scan! Brilliant!
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    Aleksandra - Birmingham
  • Mahya Johnson - Derbyshire
    We visited Cherish for the Harmony Test after having a previous Edward's syndrome baby. Diana was very kind and understanding of our anxieties. She was patient with us and explained everything in detail. Results were emailed back to us after a week as promised. Facilities were clean and quiet. We would highly recommend.
    Mahya Johnson - Derbyshire
  • Katy Nichols - Leicestershire
    It's been a year since our little boy arrived into the world, and we could not have embarked upon the journey of IUI and, later IVF, without the support of Jackie and Diana from Cherish. From the tests needed for the clinic in Denmark, to follicle tracking scans, they met all of our treatment needs and did so in the warmest way, always making us relaxed and comfortable. No last minute appointment (needed before flights could be booked or medication could be taken) was ever too much trouble. We could think of no better place to find out our baby was healthy with an early scan or that we were expecting a boy at 16 weeks. This review is long overdue, but we wish to thank you ladies for helping to make our dreams come true. We wish you every success with Cherish - the women of the midlands rely on you and your incredible service! Katy and Fay
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    I had such great care from Cherish at two separate scans. I needed a scan to check lining for embryo transfer and I was fitted in at short notice and given lots of information. I was so impressed and if the transfer is successful I will be using Cherish for an early scan.
    Rena Miras-Pye - Sutton Coldfield
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